Science Communication

Science communication and outreach are very important to me. In addition to sharing my research with the scientific community, I am committed to communicating my science to the general public. I enjoy using various techniques to engage the public in science, from demonstrations at local museums to taking high school classes into the field to posters designed for non-science audiences. I particularly enjoy the creation of infographics (check them out below!), which allows me to incorporate my artistic skills into my scientific career. My goal is to make my research clear and understandable to all, in hopes of inspiring conservation and protection of our natural resources.

Communication Experience:

Expert 2018. Expert is In Program, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C.

Presenter: Feeling crabby in the face of sea-level rise? 2018. A Scientist Walks Into a Bar – Grad Student Edition. Virginia Institute of Marine Science Graduate Student Association Professional Development Committee; Alewerks Brewing Company, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Interview with Virginia Living Magazine, 2017 , Yorktown, Virginia.

Speaker, 2017. New Explorations of Island Earth, Mariner’s Museum, Newport News, Virginia.

Virginia Science Educators Alliance (VA SEA), 2015-2017. Virginia Institute of Marine Science-Marine Advisory Services. Lesson Plan can be found here.

Advanced Science Communication Seminar, 2016-2017. Virginia Sea Grant, George Mason University.

Research-Based Climate Change Communication Training, 2016. National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation. Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Resident Science Fellow, 2016-2018. Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School. Virginia Sea Grant Fellowship Outreach.

Research Assistant, Logan Science Journalism Fellowship, 2015. Marine Biological Laboratory.



Infographic created to show the background for thesis research. Product from Advanced Science Communication Seminar. PDF


V8 Melampus Paper

Infographic created to accompany recent publication (Johnson & Williams 2017, Ecology and Evolution). Click here for a downloadable PDF version.