Virginia Science & Educators Alliance Expo

As a Virginia Sea Grant Graduate Research Fellow and a scientist dedicated to sharing my work with a broader audience, I participate in various outreach opportunities. One such outreach opportunity is the Virginia Science Educators Alliance (VA SEA), through VIMS Marine Advisory Services. During this program, graduate students created interactive lesson plans, based on our research, for middle and high school classrooms. I have always been interested in enhancing coastal literacy at the K-12 level, and this program was a great chance to do so. Many drafts and post-implementation teacher feedback later, I finalized my lesson plans and shared it at the VA SEA Expo, this April. Around 100 teachers from the area came and were able to see demos of all the students’ lessons, leaving with a flash drive loaded with all of them. Additionally, teachers unable to attend the expo can access the lessons via the NOAA Sea Grant and National Marine Educators Association sponsored Bridge, which features a host of marine education resources for teachers. It was a great opportunity for me to not only share my work with others outside the scientific community, but to be able to turn it into an interactive hands-on experience for young students, and maybe even a few future scientists.

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