Lab Tours and the Next Generation

Last week, Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) and Old Dominion University hosted Blue Crab Bowl, the regional competition for the National Ocean Sciences Bowl. In this fierce competition, teams of high school students from all over Virginia showcase their knowledge of ocean sciences. In addition to competing, the teams in this years competition toured various labs around VIMS. During these lab tours, I had the opportunity to showcase the research that I and the rest of the JLab does. In addition to being able to share the motivation for my Master’s research and why salt marshes are important, pass around some frozen fiddler crabs, and show off Sesarma burrow footage, I was also able to talk about the path that brought me to graduate school at VIMS. While I have always recognized the importance of communicating research to the general public, being able to talk with the next generation about how they can get involved in research, and potentially begin a career in science was extremely rewarding. Congratulations to all these awesome students for their participation in Blue Crab Bowl!

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